We had a difficult sale, not so much because there was any issue with our place but because the prior agent had it for 6 months, did nothing, and the market had largely put our condo in the “not interested” bucket. Also, while we had a larger unit our view was not what buyers expected of a beachfront condo (ours was facing the city with the exception of one room that had a small partial ocean view).

Jonathan did everything you could imagine to help us get the attention, interest, and showings we needed to close, and we were following it. His team was making calls and sending correspondence to an ever-growing list of fresh prospects and reached out to all of the brokers he works with in the area. He created videos, incentives, and it attracted many prospects along with very aggressive realtors. Jonathan had prepared us and was an excellent negotiator. He was always very forthcoming with us and we trusted him and his judgment completely. This is the kind of professional we like to work with.