I live in a very desirable gated community in west Boca Raton. Historically, a few local real estate brokers who live in my community handled many of the listings of local residents. At first it seemed that going with them was a good idea since as residents they were familiar with the various models, current listings & comparable sales. In fact, I knew a few of them personally and they had approached me various times to obtain my listing.  The more i thought about it the more I didn’t feel comfortable being a “captive client”, so I went and looked for an agent with a different approach.

My neighbor introduced me to Jonathan Asbell of Keller Williams. I had a couple of meetings with him and numerous phone conversations. Jonathan presented me with a plan to get my home listed with the objective of selling it quickly and at my asking price. Though I was initially somewhat skeptical things changed as I understood his atypical approach.  His emphasis was to drive as much traffic (potential buyers) to home in the first 2 weeks, and to focus on my competition (similar homes in similar communities and their asking prices). He was thorough in his research, and instead of just coming up with a price that was comparable to ones sold he came up with an asking price that he felt would drive potential buyers to my home first. He took amazing photographs to highlight the best features of my home & had them professionally finished. Everything said he would do he did, and was thorough and impressive.

Jonathan explained that in order to sell my home quickly, and at my price, we needed to agree on an offering price that would cause prospects to visit the house. We listed the property and on the first day I had 2 showings. In fact, within 2 weeks we had 3 firm offers on the table from qualified buyers. Jonathan handled the negotiations and in 2 weeks we were under contract at my full asking price! I could have insisted on a higher asking price, but I realized I wouldn’t get the initial burst of potential buyers that was so critical to selling my home quickly at my price. So many homes just sit on the market for way too long. I didn’t want to be one of those sellers.

I’ve already introduced my family members to Jonathan, as well as a couple of neighbors. I could not be happier with my overall experience. He has a very unique marketing approach and I strongly recommend any potential sellers to listen to what he has to offer. I think you’ll be equally as impressed.