Our Approach – the “Adaptive Marketing System”

The market is continually changing

Levels of supply and demand fluctuate from one day to the next, and our goal is to be your most trusted source of real estate information and services. On one hand, we follow the same fundamental business practices that ALL successful owners and entrepreneurs do. On the other hand, our expertise is specific to real estate and the successful use of modern marketing and systems that engage a wider audience.

Our unique technology and process, the “Adaptive Marketing System”, rapidly attracts, secures, and matches the right sellers and buyers in the market.

By now you would think that was the norm. We don’t think you would choose to work with us just because we do what you already expect. You will choose to work with us to gain the advantageous outcomes that come from having the talent, capabilities and fundamental business know-how that causes success in today’s international, online-based real estate business. If you are buying or selling anything…..you are competing in today’s online, international, technology-accelerated marketplace.

The fundamental real estate business hasn’t changed. Here’s what has:

  • Availability and pricing are updated by the second
  • Calls and electronic communication are exchanged frequently and constantly, in various languages, on a variety of channels and devices
  • Consumers are shopping online first, and they are not just local or English speaking
  • Competition has exploded for our time and our attention; not just for product
  • Marketing online is the principal exposure, it must take so much more into account
  • Response times have to be faster than ever before

Being competitive is key, yet few agents have the experience or persuasiveness to help their customers ACTUALLY BE competitive

When you are out competed

  • Opportunities and money are lost
  • You have no negotiation power
  • Responses are not fast enough
  • If you are selling, consumers are buying other people’s property
  • If you are buying, your target property is sold to someone else
  • You may close, but you will unknowingly leave money on the table that should have been yours

There are many Realtors…There are few “Real Estate Professionals”

Real estate is neither a small financial commitment nor without risk. You can encounter agents with varying levels of experience, and most treat a transaction as if they were selling jewelry or apparel. We couldn’t disagree more.

The better and more respected agents are still those with strong, foundational business training, like us. The top agents in our field, however, have also adapted themselves and their operations to the new competitive character of the modern environment, as we have.

It’s not real estate “sales”. It’s real estate “Marketing & Negotiation”